The FSP Group, headquartered in Taiwan, was founded in 1993 and is one of the largest power supply manufacturers worldwide. The focus is not only on computer power supplies and OEM products, but also on technology for powering additional electrical equipment. The three key points in FSP are security, stability, and energy efficiency. Therefore, we tried with any product, just to realize these points as possible. One of the German branches, the FSP Solution GmbH, located in Mönchengladbach and takes care service and sales. In our offer are mostly refurbished and used power supplies of FSP, which can either be used in any ATX case or intended for use with certain OEM Systems.


Desktop Power Supplies

With the 300 to 600 W high power supplies for home computer, FSP provides basic performance for various applications. The ATX form factor is fully respected, so can the power supplies used in any conventional PC case. Of course, the more powerful models range thereby also for the operation of two graphics cards, however, one should pay attention to the required power. For mini-ITX case, inter alia, the power supplies of the FLEX series are suitable.

Industrial power supplies

For workstations, servers and other professional systems special industrial power supplies are available. This will assist e.g. higher performance, redundant power supply or special mounting forms. By special production guidelines is always to maintain a high reliability and efficiency, so that the corresponding systems can be used permanently without restrictions and failures.

Laptop Power Supplies

For notebooks one power supply is of course equally indispensable. Therefore, all the standard features of FSP are also available here. Since almost every manufacturer uses different power supplies, one should pay attention to compatible performance data and the right plug here.


The range of uninterruptible power supplies includes at FSP both models for small offices, branch offices or home, as well as products for data centers and server environments. The NANO series while offering to small models with which, for example, Can protect workstations to prevent data loss when power outage.

Power Bank

Go FSP with the walk-series of conventional powered Banks, which can be used to charge a smartphone or tablet. But also energy storage are available for special applications that recall visually hardshell case. These can then be for laptops and other electrical devices use, for example, OUTDOORS s for a long time to be operated .