As a manufacturer of DRAM memory modules for desktop PCs and notebooks, the company NEC Hitachi Memory was founded in December 1999th The renaming in Elpida in May 2000. After the bankruptcy petition Elpida was acquired by Micron Technology. The acquisition was completed in July-2013. All Elpida products are introduced gradually into the Micron Technology range. If it is a product Elpida product number starts with an E followed by additional abbreviations that describe the exact technical data of the module. Since 3 March 2014, is also possible to handle the conversion and complaints directly about Micron Technology or an authorized distributor. Whether the brand name continues to be used in Elpida future is not yet clear. We offer you various types of memory modules refurbished branded Elpida. These have been fully checked for function and increase at a low and reasonable price noticeably the performance of your system.

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