EVGA EVGA The company is a manufacturer of computer hardware, specializing particularly in the distribution of NVIDIA graphics cards. After its founding in 1999, EVGA could always evolve to this day. The head office is still in Brea, California, United States. In addition to graphics card, the company also produces motherboards, power supplies and other accessories, but is almost always to a certain portion. So motherboards with Intel chipset example. Exclusively produced. In our assortment you will find mainly used graphics cards from EVGA, but also other components for the PC.

product portfolio

NVIDIA graphics cards

From the EVGA GeForce 6 series offers the full program here. From small standard models, such as the GeForce 6200 AGP or PCI interface up to the GeForce TITAN everything is there. The latter own with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory, of course, primarily for professional use. Anyone looking for a graphics card for gaming, while 750 graphics cards will find it even with the GeForce GTX. If you want to particularly high performance will be well served with the GeForce GTX 980. The manufacturer's warranty is depending on the model of 3 years. Many graphics cards are also factory overclocked and to have appropriate cooler to get even more power.

Power Supplies

When the power supply powers of 400 W to 1600 W possible. In order to cover the respective models from very different applications. The top models have it on a 10-year manufacturer's warranty. If you use a separate graphics card, 400 W usually recommended. When two or more graphics cards to be checked according to the performance. In addition, nearly all power supplies have been provided at least with the 80Plus certification, the level 80 Plus Titanium was likewise achieved by a power supply.


The current motherboards have an Intel X79-, X99-, Z97- or Z87 chipset. The products shall do so primarily at PC enthusiasts and gamers who want to self-assemble their computer. In the motherboards with Intel LGA 1150 fit eg. Current processors, the Core-i series. Depending on the chosen form factor are several additional ports for connecting peripherals and other components.


This PCoIP zero clients are based, in contrast to much of the rest of the range, rather to businesses and professionals who their IT want to expand infrastructure cost. The thin clients are very small, quiet and energy efficient, and most make a connection to a server on which the user works then. The power is thus not required on the job.

PC Cases

The two housing Hadron Hadron Air and Hydro by EVGA, each taking a motherboard in mITX format (mini ITX) on , In addition, fans and a 500 W power supply are pre-assembled so that the assembly and compilation is much easier. Do you want to quickly put together a rather small computer so this case could be worth a look anyway.

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