Avocent is a manufacturer of IT...
Avocent is a manufacturer of IT infrastructure, founded in 2000 was. Created by a merger of the two largest KVM Switch manufacturers Apex and Cybex Computer Products, Avocent today is a mark of Emerson Electric Corporation from USA. This uses the brand but continue for KVM switches and other components for Management of IT networks. Therefore, you also get us used KVM consoles and Another brand accessories Avocent, by their simple and reliable operation for ensure a smooth work everyday.


Local Management

The devices are already for many applications in small and medium-sized enterprises. Thus, for example, include the popular KVM consoles with integrated LCD screen for rack cabinet this area. Of course, various desktop KVM switches are available, at Server or can also be use in the workplace. Wherever you have multiple computers with a want to use single screen and a keyboard and mouse, you've come to the right place. When Video connector also have the choice between DVI, VGA and others.

Data Center Monitoring

In larger and especially complex networks, it is often difficult to is right? to keep. The Avocent this will be a whole lot easier. Offered be Here products for monitoring UPS, telecommunications networks, and of course the Environment. Suitable to obtain a comprehensive software that all data clearly processed.

Remote Management

Arise particularly in distributed networks and major infrastructure sooner or later Outdoor locations where an administrator can not always be present. In an emergency, here save the use of a remote management system precious time and operation so ago protect unnecessary downtime. By offering different products available, which by the DSView management software are completed. Almost all products can be flexibly extended and adapted to new requirements. If you So be your infrastructure in search of a complete management solution, you can put safely onto a solution of Avocent.
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