APC, the company was founded in 1981...
APC, the company was founded in 1981 and is since 2007 a ??subsidiary of Schneider Electric. The main focus of the company is the manufacture and development of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for use in business or for securing buildings.

To protect the hardware from damage, especially against data loss, the UPS in case of power failure or battery -based operation to

product portfolio.


For use in the home (on game consoles, PCs, or other electronics ) the use of a Back-UPS is ideal. It is available either in the tower or in a flat housing. The performance can vary depending on the number of devices that you want to select secure with the UPS. The series Back-UPS Pro also smoothes out dangerous voltage fluctuations during operation and has an LCD display for all important features and status messages to have constantly in view. It is particularly suitable for use on storage media such as a NAS system.


For the protection of servers and network systems is a Smart-UPS is the best choice. A Smart-UPS is available in three different variants. The entry level is especially suitable for routers, switches and other devices. The models in the standard version are the most popular for use on the server or on storage systems. They are characterized by high reliability and stability. The Extended -Run models it is also possible to combine it with external battery modules for extended downtime intercept and operate the systems so on. The Smart-UPS On-line series offers even greater scope and is designed especially for industrial and medical use. This also includes the Symmetra series, which is characterized by redundant design of the components. As the batteries of the UPS are interchangeable, you can use safely a refurbished UPS from our range, as these have been comprehensively checked by us and enter only with full function in our offer.


addition to UPS systems APC provides the matching racks and enclosures for the IT infrastructure challenges. Both for specific environments with special requirements (eg, earthquake-proof housing), as well as for the standard use of basic functions are all options open here. Likewise, additional features such as cable management and integrated power distribution are optionally available.

In addition to UPS systems, racks and enclosures, presents APC also manufactures cooling systems for various purposes. Both room air conditioners and cooling for rack rows belong here for product scope. If you want to take advantage of the reliability and quality of APC, then take a look at our range.
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