AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was...
AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was founded in 1969 and since then has processors for home computers, but also for servers forth. Since the founding of AMD is a direct competitor to Intel, but taken with the purchase of ATI in 2006 in the area of graphics cards and GPU manufacturing (Graphics Processing Unit) an important position.

This is particularly advantageous for AMD because the GPU is more often integrated directly into the processor. Hence the exchange of the processor against one of our processors used, the same two factors improve. In addition, the products are characterized by a small number of defective ones, which is why you will also benefit from a refurbished CPU for a long time have your benefit. Currently, AMD processors in servers, desktop and notebook range encountered. In addition to processors, AMD provides the required chipsets for motherboards ago.

Current product lines

In the notebook area, AMD distinguishes between two sub-areas. Firstly, the standard units, which are equipped with an AMD Fusion A processors with 4 cores and on the other the ultra- thin notebooks with Fusion E or C processors. The ultra- thin notebooks are similar in this case the Ultrabooks from Intel and should not be confused with netbooks.

The desktop area is covered by the AMD FX, Phenom II and Athlon II processors operating at up to 8 cores. As Motherboard Socket AM2, AM3 or AM3 + is used. In addition, there are several processors which are downward and upward compatible with respect to the CPU socket used. If you are in this case not be sure, please contact us and we will attend to your concerns.

For servers and workstations AMD offers its Opteron series. These are based on the desktop versions, but are also designed to work in multi-processor systems. Another CPU often means even more power for a system, so the upgrade with a refurbished CPU is definitely worth considering.

The last major area form the graphics card, which mainly workstations (FirePro and FireMV series) and home computers (Radeon series) find their place. This can often be operated in the composite, which is why older systems can significantly benefit from further new or used video card, such as in the CAD area, or in the video processing.
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