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Deep Silver

Deep Silver is a brand of the company Koch Media, which is mainly known as a publisher of computer games. The company was founded in 2002 and since then games have not only been marketed but also developed. The goal is different platforms like the current console generation, mobile devices and of course the PC. The head office is located in Planegg near Munich, but there are other branches, including the Deep Silver Fishlabs development studio in Hamburg. We offer computer games from Deep Silver for various end devices, which provide a lot of variety and are located in different genres.

Selection of games

Dead Island

With the Dead Island series, Deep Silver has started an ego shooter series that is related to the action-adventure-horror genre. As a player, you can choose between different characters, each with their own skills and backgrounds. Then you wake up in a hotel room and have to fight your way through hordes of zombies. Your ultimate goal is to escape from the island and interact with other survivors. Additionally there is a multiplayer mode, which provides for further play fun.

Secret file

Starting with Secret File Tunguska, there are already three games in this series, all of which are point-and-click adventures. Accordingly, these titles are more intended for people who prefer a good story, but don't want to experience big action sequences or firefights. Therefore follow the young Russian Nina Kalenkow in her search for her father up to the meeting with her partner Max. You decide for yourself how the story ends, because in the third part alternative ends wait for you, which orient themselves at your acting.


In Risen, you enter a fantasy scenario in which you must investigate strange events and ruins as evil creatures appear in the world. As a player in the action role-playing game, you must decide directly which side you want to join. There are different factions that provide access to weapons, magic and further teachings. Immerse yourself in the story and meet lizardfolk, druids and many other creatures. A total of three titles in the series are already available.


The Metro series is probably one of the most popular titles that Deep Silver sells as a publisher. In a fictional and post-apocalyptic universe, you slip into the role of Artjom. The protagonist roams the landscape and has to either face the upcoming fights or circumvent them in some way. In the foreground is usually the confrontation with telepathically gifted beings. In addition, there are already several parts of the series. The individual titles are developed for common platforms, which primarily include the PC and the consoles PlayStation and Xbox.


Fans of action role-playing games will get their money's worth at Deep Silver, because with Sacred the publisher has another title of this genre ready. Depending on the title, you'll go into an open Play world or follow a linear level structure to progress through history. As usual for role-playing games, you will collect experience points and gold on your way to improve your skills or use new equipment. There is also a choice of characters to choose from, which provides even more variety.

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