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In the field of NAND Flash and DRAM memory modules, ATP Electronics is one of the leading manufacturers, focusing in particular on mission-critical applications in industry and automation. The company was founded in 1991, with its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan. There are also branches in the USA, China, Japan and Germany. The location in Unterschleissheim near Munich is not only responsible for Germany, but the entire European market. ATP Electronics' customers are mainly OEM manufacturers, but you will find used memory in our assortment, for example, which allows for cheap upgrades and repairs.

Product Portfolio

Embedded Modules

This segment includes the compact embedded SSDs with M.2, mSATA or SlimSATA interface. Especially the M.2 SSDs are likely to be interesting for many users, as they are available with the latest NVMe technology and thus increase the data rate even more. Similarly, they are suitable for the business sector and use in servers, data centers, thin clients and other end devices. In terms of storage capacity and format, you can of course choose freely. With the M.2 NVMe SSDs, for example, up to 1 TB are possible.

In addition, eUSB SSDs and USB storage media are among the embedded modules. The eUSB modules are perfect as a boot medium for telecommunication and medical devices. Due to the integrated PowerProtector technology of ATP Electronics, they achieve a special protection against data loss, if, for example, the power fails. The USB drives have an NSA-compliant SecureErase feature and are completely immune to shock, electrostatic discharge, water, and vibration.

Industrial Flash Memory

In the industry, storage media requirements are even higher, which is why ATP Electronics offers memory cards specifically designed for such applications. Available in SD / SDHC / SDXC, microSD / microSDHC, CFast and CompactFlash (CF) formats. Whether in a tablet PC, navigation device, handheld or other devices, the memory cards convince with high reliability and data integrity. In addition, every product from this segment undergoes various tests in advance to maintain product quality at the highest level.

Industrial SSDs

These 2.5-inch SATA SSDs are based on NAND Flash technology, which enables them to operate in demanding environments. The manufacturer created the Velocity product family for these SSDs, in which ATP Electronics offers three different series. The Velocity M V, for example, gives you MLC NAND Flash SSDs, which enable a cost-optimized client environment. High speed, maximum data security and constant data integrity are the outstanding features. Possible fields of application are, for example, POS systems or other similar terminals in industry.

Industrial RAM Memory

Memory is found in virtually every computer system, which is why ATP Electronics of course manufactures appropriate modules for desktop PCs, servers and notebooks. However, the company not only manufactures memory modules with the current DDR4-SDRAM technology, as well as DDR3, DDR2, DDR and SDRAM RAM modules with different storage capacities are included in the range, which can equip even older devices.

Basically, you can therefore easily decide on the basis of the existing terminal and select the appropriate memory type for upgrading or repair. Additional features such as ECC, the format, and the voltage required should be taken into account when purchasing, so that the memory module can be easily used.

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