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EonStor is a product family of Infortrend Technology, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. The manufacturer employs around 600 people worldwide and is best known for its high-performance network storage solutions. From the All Flash System to the Hybrid Cloud solution, you get virtually everything to meet the given requirements. In addition, branches in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China and Japan take care of the service and support, so that as fast as possible and competent assistance with problems and further questions is possible. Above all, we offer you components of the EonStor systems that allow retrofitting and repair.


EonStor GS

This family of products includes a storage solution that is designed for maximum availability and can be integrated into a SAN, for example. For small and medium sized companies Infortrend offers e.g. the EonStor GS 1000 system as an entry-level solution. This gives you a complete storage solution that allows scaling to more than 4PB of capacity. Hybrid storage arrays are used, which combine the speed of SSDs with the high storage capacity of HDDs.

EonStor GSe

With the GSe solutions, Infortrend offers a system specifically tailored to SMBs with a controller. This can be used for SAS, SATA and SSD drives to ultimately provide SAN and NAS services or act as a cloud gateway. In the smallest version, the GSe 1000, up to 32 GB of RAM and 436 drives are already possible. The GSe 3000 system, however, has a maximum of 856 drives and provides up to 12 data connections.

EonStor GSe Pro

If you need a professional and reliable storage solution based on SATA or SSD storage media, Infortrend has the right answer for you with the EonStor GSe Pro systems. Available in a desktop case or rack mount, you get a NAS architecture suitable for backup, data exchange, monitoring systems and many other tasks. Depending on your requirements, the system can be perfectly adapted, which is mainly due to the modular design.

EonStor DS

For large companies, the EonStor DS product family is a good choice as it represents a SAN storage solution for highest availability. Various form factors and flexible equipment allow a targeted selection of the desired system. To meet even the most demanding requirements, you can choose from a variety of interfaces, including iSCSI 40Gbps and InfiniBand 56Gbps. Even critical applications such as databases or virtualization with a high user volume can be operated.


Infortrend sells its storage servers under this name, which enable full RAID1, RAID 5 or RAID 6 protection. An intuitive and easy-to-use management Software complements the servers ideally, as it enables more efficient deployment and maintenance. The free selection between different modules is also available at EonServ, so you can easily decide on the basis of these conditions.

All Flash

Maximum performance is possible with Infortrend's All Flash Array. This includes 25 slots for storage media in a 2U chassis, and is mostly recommended when dealing with a very high number of I / O operations and data transfers. With more than 700,000 IOPS for random reading and a response time of less than 0.5 milliseconds, you can also run mission-critical applications quickly and securely. The EonOne management software is also available on the EonStor GS 3025A to monitor performance and capacity usage, as well as perform maintenance and adjustments.

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