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Already founded in 1899 and headquartered in Tokyo, is the NEC Corporation today an international electronics group with over 140,000 employees. Initially NEC stand for Nippon Electric Company, now but the company is a Sumitomo Group and NEC represents a brand name and no shortcut.

In addition to electronic goods are also servers, storage systems, hardware and software for mobile communications for various areas of NEC produced and developed. The NEC Germany GmbH is headquartered in Dusseldorf and mainly in the IT area operates. Also a great mainstay is the production of monitors and projectors for different areas of the industry and for the desktop computer.

Latest Product Series

AccuSync and MultiSync monitors

The desktop monitors AccuSync Series are the ideal entry-level models for business users. The displays with a size of 21.5 or 23.5 inches, and a response time of 5ms provide solid and reliable equipment is for everyday business. The models of the MultiSync series are aimed at professional users with specific needs. You get different formats such as 16: 9, 16:10, 21: 9 or 4: 3. In addition, the monitors are equipped depending on the model with different panels, so you can choose the best monitor for your application. If you are looking for equipment intended for use in the medical environment or other special applications please have a look at us through our range. Of course you can also find all used monitors the brand NEC, which were refurbished by us and offer the full quality for little money.


For whatever purpose you get the right projector at NEC. With the L- and V-series you get a reliable projector on the go. If you are a beginner and are looking for the desktop PC to a projector, you can safely access in the M-Series (some models of the M-Series are also designed for short distances). For use in the company, however, you should prefer the P-series, as these devices with a resolution FullHD can achieve quality. The lamp life is 2000 - 4000 hours. For very short distances itself also offers the UM series of particularly.

Express 5800 Server

The variety of NEC is also reflected in the server selection. Here you will find both rack servers and systems in normal Tower. You can choose between Intel Itanium and Xeon processor and to enclose a system that you can freely scale and expand according to their wishes. Also available are blade servers, which deliver through its modularity a special degree of expandability and are especially suitable for virtualization.


In Storage segment SAN (Storage Area Network), DAS (Direct Attach Storage) and tape libraries are available. These are standardized products that can be easily integrated and provide a high level of data security and integrity. In addition, you can quickly and easily respond to growing demands and scale the solution freely.

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