inkjet Printer

In this category you will find inkjet printers for different purposes. Already in the 1960s, the first printer of this type was developed in 1984 and was followed by the first model from HP for the household. Due to their functionality they are among the dot matrix printers because the print results caused by targeted placements of an ink jet or droplet. We provide new and used inkjet renowned manufacturers who have established particularly through their experience in the market such as HP, Epson and Canon.

What are the differences in ink jet printers?

As with other printing systems the devices in the technical characteristics regarding the printing speed, paper capacity and connectivity options differ. Additionally, those who a fax scanner and copier needs may resort to a multi-function device that can be driven also by multiple users over a network or WLAN connection. Thus, these devices are also useful in some cases for use in small to medium workgroups. The speed comes at current models already close to the faster laser printer zoom but they are not designed for such high -volume printing. On the other hand, there are several scenarios in which a inkjet printer can fulfill all tasks perfectly. So they are suitable for example for individual jobs the Home Office and of course for home since their acquisition costs are low and supplies are comparatively affordable. They often offer a better color image which makes them particularly suitable for occasional color printing as this property is significantly more expensive laser printers. Also, the term of photos using special photo paper in glossy quality constitutes almost all models not a problem The color cartridges are also some devices can be replaced separately. Initially, all three colors were always accommodated in a cartridge so that already a shade of blue for example, empty the entire cartridge must be replaced. Another environment for inkjet printers is suitable for mobile use. Equipped with a rechargeable battery you can use the printer on the go eg at the customer's print forms. This is possible because the structure of these devices is relatively simple and thus the weight remains relatively low.

Why use used inkjet printer?

Unfortunately, this type is the printer for many in the reputation that their ink dries fast and they no longer can be used. This problem was corrected with time but more and more through better technologies. Only when the printer is not used for a long time and the ink is used, it may happen that the print head is damaged. Our refurbished inkjet printers are all prepared and fully verified. We also ensure that you use the printer immediately and without problems after purchase. If you should opt for a mobile printer we also provide you with matching notebook bags that offer in addition to notebook also enough space for such a printer so you can carry this comfortable.
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