A workstation refers to a computer system that is more powerful than a conventional computer. Mostly come workstations in a professional environment for use where very computationally intensive tasks, such as 3D designs, video and image processing and simulations are performed. Therefore also include companies from laboratories, research centers and universities to the users and users.

What are the advantages of used workstations?

Compared to office PCs or home PCs workstations work with higher quality hardware. So in part, one or more processors for the server installed and it will support more memory, which also dominates even more features for error correction. To complement this, the graphics card is a high-quality business model, which is not found in standard PCs. In the field of connectors offers a workstation usually a larger variety. So also the older serial COM port is often standard. For this reason, a workstation is especially suitable when scientific or technical problems occur. Integrated RAID systems, data security, or alternatively acceleration of traffic, are also available and can be retrofitted easily than in conventional PC. Among the other possible extras include several status lights on the front, to display errors. Some models even feature an integrated LCD display, eg the temperature inside display. But the maintenance and administration is facilitated by a simpler installation, which is why many manufacturers, such as in Use server, an externally accessible hard drive cage. Besides the models in the famous tower case, also rack versions are offered. In this working via remote connection and the device is eg with other servers in the well-chilled and safe rack cabinet. In this category you will find new and refurbished workstations known and reputable manufacturer. The refurbished workstations that have been reconditioned by the manufacturer and worked up by us are perfectly adequate and as good as new for everyday use. Due to the high performance of their service life is very long and therefore can no more be operated for several years. So it's worth taking a look at the assortment of workstations to throw.

How can a workstation recognize?

Traditional workstations, such as PA -RISC, MIPS, SPARC, and PowerPC, were replaced by the current technology. They were then used to provide a user or a few other private system with directly connected input devices. So they did not have a device, often share a slow terminal connection, with several other users. The term workstation has undergone a major change over time. Today, it refers to a high-end computer which provides massive computing power and is therefore suitable for large amount of data and complex calculations. The boundaries between workstations and desktop PCs today are hardly any clearly definable as part for advertising purposes pcsysteme also be titled workstation. In the major manufacturers, of which originate and the systems in our range, but this is not so and you can therefore be sure to get a real added value.
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