Tablet PC and Smartphone

A Tablet (English for notepad or blackboard ) is a small and light computer that has a touch screen and is suited by the flat design especially for mobile use. In contrast to the notebook but no keyboard is integrated. The distribution of these systems began in 2010 with the Apple iPad. After that, many manufacturers have followed suit, and not just the big manufacturers like Samsung, Sony and Asus brought their own models on the market, but also many small manufacturers took advantage of this opportunity to their own devices to market. Since all manufacturers except Apple and Windows primarily work with Android and to some extent, now operate more than half of Tablets with the Android operating system.

What should consider when buying eighth of a tablet?

Due to the very large current range of tablets you should first of all define as precisely as possible how you want to use the device and which requirements it should fulfill. The size you have the choice between a 7 to 10 -inch screen in most cases. For access to the network is on all models, an integrated Wi-Fi module. The connection to the Internet over a cellular interface is also often included. Optical drives are not present and the internal space moves generally in the range of 16 to 64 GB, but this still can be expanded via a microSD card usually. With regard to shape, operating concept and technical equipment to tablets rather leave them with smartphones, as compared to notebooks. Text input is via an inserted screen keyboard. However, if you also want to go back and re- write long emails or the like, the use of a more comfortable Bluetooth keyboard worth. In some models, in addition to the input pins are particularly supported, which allows the paper notepad can be completely replaced.

Who needs very robust devices is also dust and water protected systems by various standardized certifications. The processors are designed for the specific operating system used and the memory includes all sizes from 0.5 GB of storage capacity, but today is about 2 GB almost standard. In addition, numerous applications are available , which have ready many useful functions to your device, both professionally as well as privately to make the perfect companion. The so-called convertible laptops, however, are more of a mix of tablet and notebook. These systems are either constructed so that the keyboard is plugged in to the tablet when needed or to turn the screen or can be folded down so that a Tablet is from the notebook. Thus they are also in equipment and operation closer to the laptop than on the smartphone. These models are preferably used with the Windows operating system, which offers the familiar working environment of a desktop computer. In addition, here is a better way to increase the performance by subsequent upgrades.

Why use cars Tablets

the strength of the tablets is the mobility. Extremely long battery life and its handy format make tablet PCs to popular companions who do not want to do without you. We provide you with the models from renowned manufacturers a cheap way to take advantage of these benefits for themselves. It is in our equipment to refurbished Tablets that have no technical defects and have been fully prepared by us or the manufacturer.
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