NAS Network Attached Storage

A NAS (Network Attached Storage, english for grid-connected memory) is used to provide simple as possible independent space for multiple computer systems over a network. Colloquially, a NAS is often referred to simply as a network drive. However, modern devices have often still has more functions than just the provision of network storage. With us you get used NAS systems from reputable manufacturers, such as, Netgear, which have already proven themselves in everyday use.

What differences should be taken when buying NAS systems?
Due to the numerous makes and models the functionality also increases more and more. Basically, the device but differ in the following respects:

1. Number of hard drives supported:
Most NAS systems combine two or more hard disks today. In addition, often the formation of a RAID is supported so you can reflect, for example, two hard drives with RAID 1. You lose, although in total capacity, but when you lose a disk fails, no data. Many hard drive manufacturers also offer separate disk drive models for NAS systems.

2. Other interfaces:
To secure a USB flash drive or SD card from a camera, many devices provide a number of ports and connectors. Some tools that allow for even the backup by pressing a corresponding button on the device so that the backup easily and quickly succeed. For the wireless connection, many devices also have a WLAN interface, allowing you to operate these desired at each position.

3. Network Functions:
Among the most popular features here is part of DLNA. With this it is possible, for example, play music and videos on the television that was stored on the NAS system. This requires of course that's also supports the DLNA TV and connected to the network.

4. Additional features:
Depending on the manufacturer, the devices have different operating systems. In some can be, for example, Re-install Backup Manager, in others they are already included in the run. So here it depends on the particular application. Possible is often also the function as a monitoring server. The IP cameras are then e.g. configured via the web interface and set up, and the images or images to be stored for future use on the NAS system.
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