The hard drives in this category are the perfect introduction to the world of used computer components. Be it SATA, IDE or SAS hard drives with different capacities. A wide range of refurbished hard drives at low prices should delight any PC friend. Disks are components required for a computer to store and retrieve large amounts of data. It is storage media on which data is written to the magnetized surface of rotating discs. In computer technology one speaks so well of a hard disk drive. The hard drive designation is because the discs are not only rigid, but firmly mounted in the computer. In English called hard disk drives HDD - hard disc drive. In summary, one can say that a hard disk is a magnetic storage medium. Has a rotating disk inside which stores data by magnetizing (so-called remanence ) and can reproduce by scanning the magnetized disk then this data.

Different types of hard disks, for example, IDE hard drives, SATA hard drives, 3.5 "hard drives and 2.5 " hard drives. Also, in the memory, there are differences. The larger the hard disk sectors and more sectors, the greater the capacity of the hard disk.

What are the benefits used hard disks?

Course, you can buy anywhere new disks. However, most are used HDD, also called refurbished HDD, as well. There is of course primarily the pricing advantage. Used hard drives are much cheaper than new ones, but often meet the same quality parameters. Especially if you does not need high-performance computing or very sensitive would like to store data that satisfies a second-hand hard drive as its purpose as a new one. The contents of the refurbished hard drive will be destroyed prior to the sale of certified refurbishers and the hard drives are fully formatted. Refurbished HDD are also very well suited for computer hobbyists. If it is the computer is an older model, there is often no other way to dodge than on used parts. In computer technology, the development is very rapid and the current models are produced for a relatively short time. No computer manufacturer may hold for all of its devices ever produced new parts in stock. Therefore, new hard drives quickly find on the market again Refurbished. Here then is worth the handle to used HDD's, since they usually hardly used land already on the market of second-hand goods dealer. Even for beginners who want to assemble their computer itself, a used hard drive is recommended rather than a new one. The electronic storage media are very sensitive. Quick can be made ??and therefore the hard drive will be damaged in an installation error. If it is a used hard drive, at least the financial damage is not so great.

What should be considered when using a used hard drive?

The purchase of used parts, especially of computer parts, is a matter of trust. From the outside can not see if cars with HDD are technically still in order or not. This can be seen after installation. Therefore, one should refurbished hard drives only from trusted sources. A used hard drive is perfectly fine when it was revised by experienced hand dealers and processed by all of the guidelines, so that it meets the quality standards and an almost -new HDD equals.

The currently newest technique is called SSD (Solid State Drives) and works similar to a USB stick. The data are not stored on a magnetic disk, but to chips.

Known manufacturers are Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba.
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