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Finisar is a leading provider of products in the field of fiber optics technology. Already Since 1988, the company is technically innovative and powerful hardware that before mainly used in industry and other professional fields. Especially modern voice, video and data transmissions benefit from new opportunities. The ever-increasing demands of the current communication, are always a new Incentive for Finisar to manufacture the right products for your network. More than 13,000 People worldwide develop different techniques and expand existing continuously. Meanwhile owns the manufacturer more than 1,000 US patents, whereby the innovative capacity is particularly impressive confirmation. With us you get used among other SFP modules Even when long distances are bridged by Finisar, which provide for high transmission rates must be.


Optical Transceivers

The wide range of optical modules for switches, routers and servers make to Finisar Manufacturer of choice for fiber optics. Which network requirements have also, Finisar provides sure the appropriate SFP GBIC as for meeting the diverse needs is taken care of. The various products are compliant with all major standards and therefore fully compatible with it. For Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Infiniband, CPRI and is therefore more a module available in any case in order to achieve data rates of up to 100 Gbit / s. Finisar has but also paid special attention to the voltage and temperature values. Grows Your business further, you can easily adapt based on the new requirements make.

optical engines

This product range is aimed primarily at manufacturers, since the highly power-optimized chips be attached Finisar directly on a motherboard. Its proximity to the other hardware in particular increases the signal integrity and performance, wherein the power consumption positive is affected. Data rates of up to 10.5 Gbit / s are not uncommon, higher are Request also available. For transmission, a multimode fiber ribbon cable used.

Active Optical Cables

The AOC (Active Optical calble) Finisar, accelerate the data across the network and High-Performance Computing. A complete product line provides you with a wide variety of Options to choose from, each solution has its own advantages. Especially in comparison with conventional copper cable, the fiber-optic technology to score and provide improvements, such as. the energy demand. therefore Increase the effectiveness, reduce costs and allow Simply convince yourself about the Finisar AOCs. The low weight of these are also designed for data centers, where often a particularly high number of ports can be found.

Optical Instrumentation With the WaveShaper family shows Finisar devices eg. For filtering optical signals be used. In addition to an Ethernet connection inklsuive RESTful API for remote control, offer this an integrated web server for full control from any web browser. By sophisticated configuration options and the outstanding technical basis of Finisar, offer WaveShaper all conceivable possibilities. Thus, for example. The bandwidth and Align wavelength directly to the user requirements.

ROADMs and Wavelength Management

For further range of Finisar includes hard or reconfigurable optical Add / drop multiplexing (OADM) products. In addition, applications are to manage the wavelength available, turn Wavelengt Selectiv switches (WSS) with Flex Grid technology, and MUX / DEMUX plug-in modules contain. The latter allows you a cost-effective Solution for easy deployment of a unidirectional network traffic, and point-to-point Compounds.

Other Products

Finisar manufactures course many other devices for a reliable fiber optic communications. In addition to individual components, which are in turn used by other manufacturers to make them in the to integrate their own products, there are also amplifier Finisar. These can even higher Ranges in order to bring optical signals to any desired location.

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