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ARCHOS is known for innovative products in the field of tablets, audio and video players, and other accessories. The company, headquartered in Igny (Essonne), France, in 1988 and initially produced mainly CD-ROM drives, MP3 players and portable video was ARCHOS So was also the first manufacturer of Android tablets in 2009. Founded recorder. In Germany, the Archos GmbH is responsible for various tasks and also serves as a competence center for proprietary products.

Product Overview

tablet computer

Despite the strong and sole focus on the Android operating system, you will find a lot of different series at ARCHOS. This, however, is the right device for everyone. The Platinum range includes, for example, powerful quad-core systems that convince through their premium design. Whether you prefer a small 7-inch tablet or prefer to pick up the large 10.1-inch model, remains fully up to you. Also with regard to the Android version, cellular connection and other extras you have the full choice.


The high activity in the tablet segment, quickly followed with ARCHOS work on reliable and high-end smartphones. The serial numbers of the tablets were maintained, whereby you will find just the right for you mobile phone, if you already own a tablet computer from ARCHOS. Thin and light device, a high-end performance and an extra-large display are just a few of the possible features.

Feature Phone

Slightly off ARCHOS developed nor the so-called feature phone models. These do not have Android software, but indicate up to 2.8 inches of display, a conventional key operation and one week of standby time, especially beginners. An integrated MP3 player provides the necessary entertainment on the go and photos are created using the rear camera in no time.

Smart Home

In the digital age ARCHOS already provides for the right equipment at home. These include on the one hand commercial cameras, allowing you to keep your home at any time in the eye, but also Movement tags, as guards for windows and doors. SmartPlug other hand, is an intelligent on / off switch for your home appliances in order to save as much electricity and not to waste energy. The Weather Day keep even the weather and the humidity in the view and be automatically notified of changes.


Another part of accessories, provides the gadget range of ARCHOS. Get Smart Watches, activity tracker, scales, blood pressure monitors and other interesting products. Thus, you can analyze your body functions or use the small device just for more fun and easier operation of tablet and smartphone. With the practical Music Beany You can, for example, easily listen to your music via Bluetooth, for no extra headphone pack.

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