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Artesyn Technologies

Artesyn Embedded Technologies is a world leader in power conversion and embedded computing. The manufacturer is responsible for the development as well as for the production, which is why the products convince numerous industries in the industry. Of course, the many years of experience from over 40 years also comes into play. Worldwide, Artesyn has over 16,000 employees in ten development centers, four manufacturing locations, and global sales and support offices. The headquarters are located in Tempe, Arizona, where the numerous products are available in this country through various distributors. In our assortment you find above all used power supplies for servers and further components of Artesyn.

Product Portfolio

AC-DC Power Supplies

In this segment, Artesyn Technologies has a large selection of different power supplies. These are subdivided into several subcategories, which include, for example, the Open Frame models, LED drivers, external power supplies and models for mounting on DIN rails. In particular, however, you also get particularly powerful components that are particularly suitable for the power supply of a server or a workstation.

Depending on the application, you can, of course, choose additional characteristics. Whether you want to design the power supply directly redundantly or are looking for a power supply unit for particularly compact systems, Artesyn has certainly the right product in its range. Even for medical applications and other special applications, corresponding components are available that can still be adapted to the respective requirements.

DC-DC Converters

With the DC-DC converters, Artesyn Technologies is primarily targeting OEM manufacturers, offering a complete lineup of outstanding performance and reliability and cost efficiency. Possible applications include the telecommunications industry, storage solutions, test and measurement equipment, and other industrial tools. The power is basically around 35 to 800 watts, and this always depends on the respective product series. The DC-DC converters are available both as separate components and as electronic components.


Especially for the Open Frame AC-DC power supplies, Artesyn Technologies offers further accessories in the form of installation kits. These are suitable for OEM manufacturers who want to integrate the products in their own devices and want to achieve the most reliable operation possible. Cooling is also included with some of these kits, so you do not have to worry about a separate solution in this regard.

Design Services and Software

Artesyn Technologies also provides a comprehensive set of software, primarily for testing, planning and development. Other applications, on the other hand, are responsible for controlling the power supplies to detect failures or other issues as quickly as possible. If the offered products are not the right one, you can also use the service of Artesyn. So just hire the manufacturer to make the right power supply and choose different factors to suit your needs. From the connection, through performance ranges, to other features such as hot swap you can choose freely.

Embedded Computing

Embedded computing is the second major core area of ??Artesyn Technologies. Use the complete solutions based on open standards or rely on a so-called Computer-On-Module (COM). The latter are complete computer systems on a single board, which are ideally suited for integration in various end devices.

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