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Wintec Industries is a manufacturer from Newark (USA), which offers various consumer products. In addition to flash and memory, these are also accessory items such as bags and cables. In addition to its headquarters, the company has offices in San Jose, New Jersey, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Shenzhen. The focus is always on the manufacturer for the maximum possible performance and continuous improvement of the solutions offered. In addition, there are always attempts to adapt the products offered perfectly to the requirements of the respective customer. With us you get mainly used memory from Wintec, as well as other components from the computer sector.



Memory based on flash technology is omnipresent today. Therefore, Wintec also manufactures various products in this segment. These include, on the one hand, simple USB sticks and memory cards, and on the other, solid state drives (SSDs). So, whether you just need a new micro SD card for your camera or a fast storage solution for your notebook, you'll find it at Wintec. For more specialized applications such as SLR cameras, the manufacturer offers exactly matched flash memory.

Computer accessories

In the FileMate Imagine product line, Wintec has several mice and keyboards ready for daily use. These include, for example, a particularly thin keyboard, which is available in numerous colors and thus also visually enhances the workplace. Furthermore, USB 3.0 Quad Port adapters and other add-on cards fall into this area. Externally, a PC can be expanded with the USB hubs, speakers and headsets. The mobile speakers, on the other hand, are also a good choice for laptops, tablets and smartphones to enjoy their music everywhere.

Bags and Covers

To protect your device from damage on the way, Wintec offers a variety of options. Starting with traditional bags for notebooks and tablets in a variety of colors, the company also produces custom-fit cases that are tailored to specific models. It also offers camera and external storage media pockets, giving you the ideal travel protection for these devices as well.


To connect your PC to a network, you will receive from Wintec corresponding expansion cards and USB modems. For example, simply equip your desktop computer with a wireless LAN card to benefit from a fast wireless connection and reduce cabling overhead.

Digital Photo Frames

This category is more in the field of decoration. Wintec produces various frames up to a screen size of 38.1 cm (15 inches). Just have them take your vacation photos, pictures of friends and family, or other shots to keep you entertained. In some cases, the picture frames can also be used for advertisements to alert your customers to the latest product or offer.

hard disk enclosure

With the enclosures for 2.5 and 3.5 inch hard drives, you can easily and quickly create your external storage solution. So you can freely choose the desired capacity and use a corresponding hard drive to store your data on this future. Likewise, it can be connected to a computer of an old notebook or PC to secure important data or continue to keep in access.


A fairly large segment at Wintec includes RAM modules for a wide variety of systems. So whether you need memory for your notebook, your desktop PC or a server, the manufacturer has certainly the right component in the range. In our shop you will also find used RAM modules that are suitable for upgrading and repair. In addition to the current DDR3 technology, there are also memory bars that are compatible with the DDR or DDR2 technology.

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