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Salcomp is a manufacturer of electronic devices and adapters for mobile devices, but is one of the market leaders, especially for chargers for smartphones and tablet PCs. Therefore, many OEM manufacturers rely on the products and use them for their own devices. Salcomp was founded in 1975, with headquarters still in Finland today. Further branches are located in India, Taiwan, China, Japan, Brazil, South Korea and the USA. At Salcomp, environmental friendliness and social responsibility are just as important as the quality of the products. We offer used power supplies for notebooks, as well as other accessories from Salcomp, that you can easily use in everyday life.

Product Portfolio

Mobile Power Adapters

Salcomp offers a variety of laptop chargers that you can freely download from required overall performance. However, a particularly high diversity is found in the USB chargers, which are used in particular for tablets and smartphones. In addition to different performance levels, the manufacturer also supports different USB ports. Therefore you not only get USB power supplies for Type-A connectors, but also those that work with the current USB Type-C connector. However OEM manufacturers are the main target group. At Salcomp, they receive perfectly matched USB chargers in large numbers for use on their own devices, such as a tablet PC or a smartphone.


As an active manufacturer in the field of electronics, Salcomp also produces LED luminaires for various applications. As known from the power supplies, the LED products are also available in large quantities and can be selected according to the respective requirements. Compared to previous technologies, just the low power consumption is an important advantage.

Other Products

Because power supplies are one of Salcomp's core businesses, the company also manufactures power components for other products. These include, for example, monitors from different manufacturers. So, if you're looking for a specific charger or power adapter, it's worth taking a look at the Salcomp range. For this reason, you will also receive from us various used chargers of the manufacturer, which are compatible to various devices.

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