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The company G & D Guntermann and Drunck GmbH was founded in 1985 and since then has grown into a leading provider of KVM solutions. Thus, the manufacturer has been convincing with its products for more than 30 years and has correspondingly high know-how in this area. Upon request, individual solutions are possible, which are specially tailored to the particular application. G & D is based in Siegen, with other locations in the US and China. However, the development and production is completely located in the headquarters in Germany. We offer professional used KVM solutions from G & D for integration into your infrastructure.

Product Portfolio

KVM Extenders

The KVM extenders are perfect if you're accessing a machine which is up to 10,000 meters away. G & D's various extenders work with the DisplayPort, DVI or VGA interface, enabling real-time work. Only two components are needed, namely a module in the computer as a transmitter and a module in the workplace as a receiver. In addition, several video channels are possible and there are also extenders for other signals such as RS232, USB, audio or FireWire offered.

KVM Switches

G & D produces KVM switches to connect 2 to 64 computer systems that can be operated from a single workstation. For the administration and use of the systems so only a display, a mouse and a keyboard is needed. The KVM switches are also stand-alone devices, so only the connection cables are needed to work with the KVM solution. It goes without saying that G & D also supports various interfaces in this area, including DisplayPort, DVI and VGA.

Analog and Digital KVM Matrix Systems

In this segment, the manufacturer goes one step further, because a certain number of workstations get access to a number of computer systems , Therefore, an analog or digital KVM matrix system consists of a central module, which practically represents the switch, and a computer and a workstation module.

Depending on requirements, the interfaces can be chosen freely. In addition, it is primarily decided by means of the matrix switch how many ports are ultimately available. The configuration of the KVM matrix systems can be done via OSD (on-screen display) or a web interface. Matching accessories and other components can also be obtained directly from G & D.

Digital Signage

With the products from the Digital Signage product line from G & D, various video and audio signals can be distributed. This allows, for example, a VGA signal from a source to bring up to 16 output devices, making the devices, for example, ideal for advertising or information display. Depending on the available hardware, the choice also exists between VGA, DVI and DisplayPort, as well as with and without transmission of audio signals.

KVM Add-ons

The enhancements to KVM solutions are generally optional, but can add value in everyday life. From programmable input devices such as the I-Key, to the operator panel for switching a G & D switch, to rack consoles, practically nothing is left to be desired. With the NetworkCenter, the manufacturer also offers a central device for configuring and monitoring network-enabled G & D devices with corresponding support. Of course, the range also includes signal converters for various interfaces.

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