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Ramaxel Technology was established in Shenzhen in 1997 and is the largest manufacturer of DRAM modules in China. Worldwide, the company is number two, making it heard from many providers of complete systems of choice. However, the product range includes not only RAM modules, but also other storage products, such as solid-state disks (SSDs) and flash cards. In addition Ramaxel is active in other areas, such as application development. The division thus widens ever further. In this country, the brand is still relatively unknown, but the products offer high reliability and compatibility, so you get even with us Ramaxel memory used for configuration of your computer.


desktop and notebook RAM

OB SDRAM, DDRI-, DDRII-, or DDRIII memory for client computer systems are all kinds of memory that are used today are available. In laptop or home computer thus the RAM can even then upgrade later if the system is already several years old. The modules are unbuffered, non-ECC suitable function and thus for most computers.

Server RAM

The registered or Fully Buffered modules Ramaxel suitable for upgrading Server systems with DDRI, DDRII, DDRIII SDRAM or even slot. Servers must often many tasks simultaneously and provide different services to. More memory may therefore represent a significant performance increase, which in turn increases productivity.


Here you have the choice between two different product lines. On the one hand there is the RSSD series, the conventional SSDs in 2.5 inch format offers. Up to 512 GB total capacity provide ample storage space for the operating system and other applications. Although the RDM series offers a maximum of 128 GB of storage space, but these models are connected via the mSATA connector to the system. As a result, you are suitable for notebooks, but also some boards in desktop PC.

Enterprise Class Storage

Of course, the Enterprise Series is especially true for companies that need storage solutions for server systems. The SSDs are e.g. produced according to special rules so that they meet the high requirements of the company. The IOEdge G SSD will also be operated via a PCIe 2.0 interface on the server and can thus use the speed very well. The operating system is Microsoft Windows Server, but also various Linux distributions support, such as CentOS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Ubuntu Server.

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