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Right from the beginning the goal was for NetApp to help customers to achieve success. Therefore launched NetApp 1993 Development of the first storage system, which is the uncontrolled growth should prevent the infrastructure of a company. Since the solution in its simplicity convinced, followed by many other developments, which NetApp today remains Innovation brings to the market. The storage solutions are used in many areas of Industry to apply and leading companies around the world rely on the Management, as well as the storage of data on the complete system of the manufacturer. In more than 150 offices worldwide, more than 12,000 employees are always working on new solutions for current tasks in data management.


E-Series Storage

The storage solutions of NetApp E-Series fulfills numerous requirements. The sophisticated Performance and capacity, namely with a simple management and high efficiency combined. Basically, these are hybrid storage solutions for high-performance mixed workloads are suitable. Put example. Databases or working with bandwidth-intensive streaming applications, you get the perfect Basis.

Flash Storage

The All-Flash systems enterprise-class enabling a seamless transition to the current Flash technology. This provides significantly higher speeds, thereby improving the Efficiency of your data center. Integrate the system into your existing infrastructure and venture with NetApp changing to modern art. This segment is also an all- Flash array available, supports SSDs with incredible 15TB.

FAS Storage

Also incorporated in the enterprise environment, including the FAS storage solutions to the most famous NetApp. This can be not only to multiple PB scale, but also allow for the Integrating leading flash technology. As a result, the hybrid solution is suitable for companies, seeking a specially adaptable system that adapt perfectly to your needs leaves. Adding additional storage requires no downtime, so you can easily a can make modifications based on the company's growth.

Solid Fire

Under this name NetApp sells the Next Generation Data Center. It offers unlimited flexibility, as the fully automated platform 100% predictable and is horizontally scalable. From 20 TB into the petabyte range is for the proper growth made without data migration, installation or other costly upgrades. The Administration time is thus reduced to the 12-fold and saves further costs.


In the current version 9 software solution ONTAP provides a unified data management. This goes beyond Flash, cloud and hard disk to your storage solution even easier to shape. The industry-leading software from NetApp combines new, as well as conventional Data center architectures. In particular, the movement of data on the various Resources is particularly simplified.


Increase the responsiveness of your IT and set with a pre-validated FlexPod Solution. NetApp has this created in collaboration with the network specialist Cisco, so as to achieve maximum application performance. The management of data and the Infrastructure made with a consistent set of tools that offer various possibilities. Move easily datasets from the flash memory to hard drives or directly into the cloud. The standardized FlexPod components also allow a simple vertical and horizontal scaling.

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