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To enable your employees anytime, productive labor Targus offers Periphery transportation, protection and connection of technical equipment. This is all great OEMMarken compatible, whether smartphone, tablet or laptop. are precisely mobile devices always narrower, which can quickly be accompanied by restrictions on the connectivity. The Solutions Targus help the problems arising out of their way to evacuate. Already Over 30 years ago, the manufacturer has done pioneering work in the field of laptop bags. today provide more than 45 offices around the world for the best possible availability of the products. Neuund Advancements find but instead just where Targus addition the quality and modern design in the Focus does.


Tablet Cases

Countless users rely today for many tasks only on tablets, as these easily are transport and quick to deploy. In addition, the battery life is usually much higher than in Notebooks. This allows you to transport your tablet safely, Targus offers universal Cases specially adapted models for iPads, Samsung devices and the Microsoft Surface. Of the natural protection is the first priority, but some features also ensure a increased comfort, such as. Integrated feet.

notebook bags

By far the most extensive range of Targus found however in the pockets of Notebooks. Even the selection of the type is from the known shoulder bag, on backpacks, to messenger bags, rolling luggage and cases. For what purpose you pocket the also need, Targus has certainly the right in its range. The simplest models assume only the notebook with PSU on, others can also document, folder or another transport equipment safely. Just business as usual can be so for a clear Facilitating worry because you carry all the necessary equipment in one place and always mobile . Remain


Anyone who works for a long time on tablet or notebook, the ergonomics should not be ignored. Targus provides to this end, various stand to let the perfect positioning, so you can stay for a long time productively, without neck pain or other symptoms. Also for Cars there are matching tablet holder, which especially your children on long journeys joy be ready.

anti-theft device

To prevent the unauthorized theft of your IT equipment, you can access the cable locks trust Targus. This offer depending on the model and several connections to eg. Notebook and to secure monitor. Various cable lengths and types are of course also available. Similarly, the manufacturer offers mounting options for the locks, which at a can be any surface mounted.

docking stations

Another important product field are the universal Targus docking. These can connecting the stationary peripherals to your notebook, tablet or smartphone, allowing you especially save time. Wear Chargers no longer around with them, then the unique Change connector system allows the charging of notebooks of various OEMs likewise. Technically, the docking solutions are of course up to date, so that even 4k are reversals across two screens no problem.

Other Accessories

In addition to these products Targus manufactures of course many more. These fall mainly in the accessories area. So you're looking for a pen for touch screens, input devices or screen protectors, you will certainly find. Even hubs and adapters are available directly Targus, including of course in universal chargers count. For a particularly high Security in terms of data protection, the manufacturer also manufactures Privacy Filter for various displays.

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