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Minkels is a world leader in providing high quality data center infrastructure solutions. The focus is on innovation and flexibility, with the company always focusing on energy efficiency. In addition, on request, the adaptation of the individual products to customer requirements. Today, Minkels is a brand of the manufacturer Legrand, which is active in over 180 countries and in 2015 reached a worldwide turnover of 4.8 billion euros. In contrast, Minkels has branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States. In our assortment you will receive used rack cabinets from Minkels, as well as various accessories to achieve a cost-effective equipment in the company.

Product Portfolio


Minkels offers an extremely wide range of products in this area. For data centers and server rooms, various racks are available that can be used, for example, for blade servers, patch panels, storage solutions, routers and switches. The high degree of modularity and flexibility is always a central point of the concept, so that you can make even later slight extensions and can put together their suitable solution freely.

The standard products therefore include server and network racks, as well as smaller rack cabinets for wall mounting. Of course, all of these enclosures can be upgraded with the appropriate Minkels accessory to optimize cooling, perfect cable management, and increase security. In addition, as a customer, you can rely on customized enclosures that are specially tailored to your needs.


The bigger and more extensive the data center or server rooms are, the more important the cooling is. Minkels produces various solutions for this purpose, including both passive and active cooling systems. Whether for small or large infrastructures, new or existing facilities, from Minkels you get the right cooling for your system. A special adaptation to existing circumstances or cooperation with appropriate security systems is also easily possible.


The correct power supply is one of the critical factors in every server and, of course, in the data center. Minkels therefore has Basic PDUs that are easy to mount in the rack, but also offers smart PDUs and modular UPS solutions to provide a perfect power supply for every application. This reduces the risk of power outages and, of course, downtime of your servers and network systems. Furthermore, Minkels also provides systems for reliable power distribution.


As computer systems and related infrastructure are a high priority in today's business, monitoring systems is particularly important. Therefore, Minkels not only offers safety sensors, but also manufactures a variety of other sensors that keep an eye on the environment in particular. Possible overheating, humidity and other influences can be detected early on. Appropriate control systems are especially important for the administrators, so that they are notified early and can quickly access the recorded data.

Micro Data Center

To make the compilation of a data center as easy as possible, Minkel manufactures so-called Micro Data Center solutions. The name Minicube, for example, hides a complete data center that can be found in just one rack. By contrast, MatrixCube products offer the best balance of reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness as they provide a complete and compact server room. The power distribution and cooling are already integrated, whereby adjustments with other components and accessories are possible at any time.

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