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The company SMS Smart Media Solutions was founded in 1960 in Nicke (Sweden). Back in the 1970s, the manufacturer made a name for itself with its innovative accessories for multimedia devices. During development, SMS is always focused on user-friendliness, but at the same time it ensures an appealing design. Today, various sectors of industry are now part of the customer field. Furthermore, the Evoko Unlimited belongs to SMS Smart Media Solutions, where, for example, conference phones are distributed. The headquarters are in Stockholm, but there are other branches, including in the United States. Here you will find new and used holders for projectors and monitors from SMS.

Product Portfolio


One of the largest core areas of SMS Smart Media Solutions are the mounts for monitors, projectors and interactive boards , Of the numerous models, not only the various screen diagonals are supported, the placement is possible in many ways. Accordingly, there are brackets for the wall, a table or the ceiling. But some also have roles and can easily be moved to the current location. If you can not find the right holder for your device, you can simply have a customized solution made by SMS Smart Media Solutions. The manufacturer takes over the conception based on your request and incorporates his many years of experience in design and ultimately in manufacturing.


This segment is by no means to be underestimated, as SMS offers many more products that allow you to perfectly expand your workplace or other spaces. Whether you need another screen, want to equip a PC system with a movable base or just optically want to ensure more order, almost everything is possible. For the placement of webcams, SMS Smart Media Solutions also offers suitable holders that can be simply attached to the desired location. In addition, further cable management accessories are available, and the power distribution is also provided by the manufacturer with suitable strips to ensure a comfortable and reliable working environment.

Use cases

With SMS, you can of course also select the respective products based on the respective application. The manufacturer offers solutions that are specifically tailored to specific areas. These include the education sector, conference rooms, the display of information in public and the home area.


The independent company Evoko is completely owned by SMS Smart Media Solutions and primarily offers terminals for conferences. The range therefore includes the Evoko Minto conference telephone, which also works with different mobile devices via Bluetooth or cable. Under the name Groupie, however, there is a webcam with a particularly wide viewing angle, which can be used on almost any device. So, if you have a web meeting that involves more than one person sitting in a workplace, the Evoko Groupie is the ideal choice.

Another interesting product is the Room Manager. It is a small display that is simply mounted on the outside of the room and displays all the necessary information directly. So you can quickly and easily find out how long the room is still occupied and can at the same time make messages to the equipment, if, for example, the projector does not work.

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