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After the establishment in 1895 by Alexander Graham Bell, the Canadian company has developed into a well-known manufacturers in the communications industry. In the history of Nortel could provide some new and explored eg. The possibilities for the fiber optic cable in communication. Since 2000, however, repeatedly negative headlines have been written, because the company was spying over a longer period and on the balance sheet there were also errors. Also from the financial crisis, the company has been hit hard. As a result, the bankruptcy was filed in 2009. The entire range of business telephony was sold to Avaya for around 900 million dollars and after the sale of patents and other business parts of the company should be dissolved. Currently there are therefore no more products, which are manufactured by Nortel. The telephony products have been fully integrated with Avaya and the customers received an upgrade offer to an Avaya system. The Nortel systems are but partly another seven years supported, so you can also take advantage of our hesitation refurbished phones and hand switches the brand Nortel.

Product Series IP Phone 1100 Series

These terminals offer by the ergonomic design more comfortable workplace. You can operate on a variety of platforms, making them largely independent. The power devices either via a power adapter or the network connection (PoE). In addition, the internal switch allows the connection of PC and phone to a network cable. Here, the voice traffic is always preferred, whereby a better speech quality is made possible. Other keys can be obtained by an expansion module and connect a headset via USB is not a problem. The installation and configuration is flexible and can take place across different locations, whereby the administration effort is Lowered.

IP Phone 2000 Series

For the expansion of existing systems, the models are with varied functions. You have several options to adapt to your needs and can be operated either via PoE or power supply. The programmable buttons frame the LCD display and are labeled well about this. The Softphone 2050 is also included in this series. This is only used on PC and operated via this. When used with a Nortel USB headset, it differs in the operation not of the IP phones. For the convenient amenities of other jobs, our refurbished IP phones are tested by quality and reliability. They can be seamlessly integrated into an existing system and offer you the opportunity to expand your communication platform with uniform terminals.


The switches are so versatile that they are suitable for any size business. By stacking the number of available ports can be easily expanded and adapted to new needs. They of course also support functions for creating VLANs, channel bundling and PoE for the operation of phones and access points without a separate power supply. With us you get refubished switches for reliable operation of your network. The units are tested and equipped with latest features in order to achieve the maximum benefit for you.

Other Products

For small to large businesses Nortel has been producing and developing various communication platforms. Also includes software solutions for product portfolio. These are both for end users, as well as the administration of the systems available and facilitate the daily work many times.

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