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Founded in 1995, LiteOn focused on the research of optical storage solutions and the manufacturing process. In 1999, the spin-off into Lite-On IT followed, to put the focus even more on the industry of optical drives. Today, the manufacturer offers other products and employs more than 311 engineers, who account for around 5% of the entire workforce and ensure competitiveness. In June 2014, Lite-On IT was eventually incorporated into the Lite-On Technology Corporation. In addition to optical drives, our range also includes used SSDs from LiteOn, which you can use for retrofitting in desktop PCs or notebooks, for example.

Product Portfolio


With solid state drives, the range of different models is particularly large, as LiteOn addressed to different user groups. The product range therefore includes SATA SSDs in 2.5-inch format or as mSATA or M.2 SATA plug-in cards. These can be used in laptops and other computer systems to significantly increase performance. Mobile terminals in particular increasingly have slots for SSD expansion cards, as even more compact designs are possible. If you require even more power, you will get the ideal solution with the NVMe SSDs from LiteOn. These increase the performance even more clearly and work with the latest technology. In particular, mobile workstations and similar systems are equipped with such data storage. The capacity can be up to 1024 GB. Possible applications include video editing and graphic design.

LiteOn satisfies the highest demands with Enterprise NVMe SSDs. These contain up to 1920 GB of storage capacity, work with the 3D NAND technology and support if necessary, an end-to-end protection, as well as other professional features. These models are especially suitable for servers where many transactions have to be handled, such as database applications or e-mail / messaging services.

Optical Drives

If you're looking for an optical drive, you'll love LiteOn. The company produces various models for almost all end devices. Starting with the conventional DVD drives for internal use in the PC system, over internal DVD burners for notebooks, up to external drives for mobile operation, the manufacturer convinces with a high quality. Most of them can easily be connected to the respective system via SATA, since this connection is the standard interface these days. In addition, the delivery usually contains a burning software.

Power Supplies

LiteOn is by no means focused solely on data storage because the manufacturer also offers a comprehensive portfolio of power supplies. These are both power supplies for simple PCs, as well as professional models for servers and workstations. In addition, the company manufactures laptop chargers, which are used by other OEM manufacturers for their own devices.


Another major activity of LiteOn is medicine, where the company operates under the skyla brand. This stands for reliable and modern diagnostic solutions. Both for humans, as well as for animals, the manufacturer offers diagnostic equipment. These allow e.g. a quick and reliable blood test and are used accordingly at doctors or in hospitals. The sophisticated functions and compact design are convincing more and more users and ultimately increase efficiency, while at the same time keeping the quality of the examination at the best possible level.

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