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Packard Bell

The company Packard Bell was in 1926 by Herbert A. Bell and Leon S. Packard founded. At first radios were made and during the Second World War also Radios, in 1968, Packard Bell was then taken over by Teledyne. The brand name Teledyne then sold in 1986 to the investor Beny Alagem, who this home computer sold. The brand was sold more times so that it is now one of Acer. the Headquarters of the Packard Bell Germany GmbH is located in Ahrensburg, this takes care of mainly the marketing and sales in Germany and Austria. Get with us They used computers, peripherals and refurbished monitors the brand Packard Bell, and Spare parts for various equipment manufacturer.


Easy Note

The EasyNote laptops are available either as a 10 to 17 inch display and provide all Benefits needed by a mobile companion. The low price is easy on your budget, you can not but Feel disadvantages. Whether classic 15 inch notebook for full power in a slim design or lightweight 10-inch touch-screen device, here you get exactly what you need. imedia S and L The desktop computer set new standards in terms of design and performance. The S series is still very compact and fits in every application scenario. Where needed more power is and optionally also upgrades to be possible, the devices are also slender L-series is a good choice.


With an up to 23-inch Full HD display, the All-In-Ones Packard Bell an offer compact machine for the desktop, which puts an end to the cable clutter. By optional available bracket can be mounted on a wall, the entire computer. in the oneTwo S series are also 20-inch models with touch function.

dot s

All the dot s netbook series offer with Intel Atom processor, 1GB of DDR3 RAM and 320 GB hard drive basic facilities for traveling, the long battery life of up to 8 hours allows. Due to the 10-inch screen, these devices are very light and can be virtually anywhere with you. Available netbooks are available in four soft colors.

Maestro 6

The IPS panel displays the Maestro 6 ensures sharp images and lifelike color. rounded This is reinforced by a nearly frameless and slim design, so the screen contents is fully in the foreground. The proven LED backlight technology provides a environmentally friendly production without mercury and halogen gases, as well as a small Energy consumption.

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