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Acronis is for many users, especially for user-friendly solutions for the creation of Backups known. However, the manufacturer offers as products for companies. Secure access Standards for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection, as well as disaster recovery are, therefore, also the field of activity. Compared to the competition Acronis can especially with the AnyData Convince Engine as the foundation and the advanced image technology. Since its founding in 2003, the manufacturer has continued to grow, which is why now more than 5 million Users and 500,000 companies in over 145 countries to protect their data with Acronis. Next several awards for product of the year, the manufacturers currently has over 100 patents.


True Image

For many users, the backup software Acronis True Image is the No.1, making it the one known products of the manufacturer. The fast backup and recovery of Files combined Acronis with a user-friendly system, which only two clicks requires creating a backup. The extensive support of various Operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android and Mac, all requests are practically private satisfied users. Secure your quick and easy the whole system, including settings, Programs and files on NAS devices, external hard drives or in the cloud. is Optional the remote backup possible, which features an optimized online dashboard is.

Disk Director

With Acronis Disk Director provides the perfect tool for adapting their own Hard disk partitioning. This allows you to create partitions, configure and according to your Setting wishes. As a further feature is the restoration of data of a partition Available, so you will still get to your data when the operating system no longer starts. It is also possible to move the entire system to a replacement drive while optionally make adaptation to different storage capacities.

Acronis Backup

For corporate users Acronis maintains a whole range of backup solutions that accordingly offer many professional features. offer Applications Backup and Backup Advanced fundamentally, of course, much the same as True Image, but be a central Remote management adds. In addition, amenities supported operating systems now Microsoft Windows Server, VMware vSphere, Linux, Citrix and many more. Similarly behaves it is with the security objectives, because in addition to simple drives and NAS systems, are now tape drives, autoloaders, libraries, deduplication and SAN networks possible.


Acronis met with the Access Software solutions current tasks in companies. The Product quality and business initiatives increasingly depend on the data and content that the Companies are available. therefore Increase the efficiency in accessing one of your important assets, your same files. Acronis Access allows the safe and controlled Enable different content for each employee device. Even Mac users in Windows Environments are supported, and Acronis another frequently encountered barrier eliminated.

Data Protection

Based on the latest cloud architecture, Acronis offers with its Data Protection platform ideal solution for service providers. This can provide the services to end users and always rely on the security and confidentiality. Functions for backups, Synchronizations, disaster recovery and file sharing (EFSS applications) are already integrated in the total solution. The entire platform is based on the AnyData Engine, which is a collection of different technologies to data in all common IT Surrounded on manage, store, recover and make available.

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