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The manufacturer Nokia will be most probably known in the mobile phone segment, but this produces Companies still in many other areas products and develops technologies. in the The focus is on the connection of the world and an improvement in user experience. For The development is mainly responsible for Nokia Bell Labs, whereby to provide customers with both service Providers, as well as the public sector, large companies and private individuals. Today is Nokia In more than 100 countries. The company's history began in Finland in 1865. In the In the end, the expansion to Europe followed. In addition, Alcatel-Lucent was Nokia's 2016 And the range once again increased enormously.

Product Portfolio


The Withings product family is a business area of ??Nokia mainly To private customers and the health care sector. In addition to intelligent thermometers and Body analysis scales are therefore also available under this name. Sports enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts, however, are especially the activity and sleep tracker too Who always know what you have achieved in the day. All products are Also designed for use with a smartphone, where you can analyze any data yourself And can pursue.


OZO is a complete solution from Nokia for Virtual Reality. It is contained in Primarily a camera with which a 360 ° spherical video can be taken, as well as 360x360 Surround sound. Since also a battery and memory is contained in the camera, you only need A device, instead of several cameras to manage and operate. In addition, the OZO Cam allows Live broadcasting in the highest quality.

To edit the recordings, you will also receive the appropriate software directly from Nokia. These Is designed for use with Mac OS, whereby for Windows also a first version Is ready There are quite high requirements for the hardware, for example, two graphics cards Recommended. Basically, however, the OZO system can be based on standard hardware So that they do not need any special equipment. The Player SDK also helps with the Development of corresponding VR game worlds, to provide users with an impressive experience Offer.

Network infrastructure

However, the network infrastructure continues to be one of Nokia's largest business areas Of all kinds. With the latest hardware and software solutions, the company offers service Providern, authorities and large companies everything needed for the internet of things. With around 4,800 employees in Germany, the manufacturer not only drives research and development But also takes care of service, sales and marketing. Nokia is the market leader in Germany and Europe, especially in the field of mobile communications and fixed line networks Is an important supplier for all major providers of communications services. In the Nokia therefore also took over the project management Cross-company measures.

Therefore, if you need specific systems for your organization to secure your network, Analyze or increase overall performance, you are at the right address at Nokia. If It is ultimately about LANs based on fiber or copper cable or you are professional Finding solutions for your WLAN is no matter, since Nokia offers sophisticated products in all areas. Even for data centers and cloud applications are customized and flexible complete systems Available for a significant facilitation in administration and a tremendous scalability to care.

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