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The manufacturer Club 3D is headquartered in the Netherlands and has been providing outstanding products in the audio and video market since 1997. With the wide range of different products, the company gained great prominence. Today, Club 3D mainly produces accessories for computers and notebooks, with extensive knowledge and years of experience leading to excellent results. With us you also get used graphics cards that come from Club 3D. With these you can, for example, upgrade your desktop PC or perform a repair, so you can quickly get back to use all the features of your computer.

Product Portfolio

Video Splitter

The various video splits of Club 3D are a good choice, especially however, if you want to work with multiple monitors, your computer does not readily support it. An environment with more than one monitor has several advantages, as you only keep track of your emails on one monitor, for example, while you are performing the actual tasks on a different screen. In games, multiple monitors can also provide a special gaming experience. The interface is DisplayPort, USB Type-A, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt 3, with the latter two offering the best results.


Especially in the business sector, docking stations are commonplace. Likewise, notebooks from the consumer sector with docking stations can also be used today. All you need is a USB Type-C, USB Type-A or DisplayPort connector. Club 3D offers various docking solutions that can make everyday life a lot easier. Whether you only need additional USB ports or want to connect additional peripherals and monitors, you will surely find the right model for your computer or notebook.


There are so many different interfaces today that surely everyone has been faced with the problem of not having a suitable cable. Club 3D therefore produces video cables for DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI and other interfaces, as well as various USB cables. Due to the high quality of workmanship, you achieve the best speed and reliability in everyday life.


If two terminals do not share the same interface, this does not necessarily mean they can not work together. With the adapters of Club 3D, you can connect different ports together so that you can, for example, implement an HDMI port on DisplayPort. Likewise, the range also includes other adapters such as USB-to-Ethernet. So if you need an adapter, Club 3D will make the right one.

Other Products

Club 3D is also a well-known name for graphics cards, as the manufacturer makes sells various GeForce models under their own name. Such a used graphics card can often be ideally used in a PC to achieve an increase in performance. Also for repair purposes, these are often ideally suited and allow a cost-effective, as well as fast repair.

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