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As a leading provider of specialized storage solutions, Quantum, particularly in the areas of scale-out storage, backup and archiving is active. This will ensure a sharing, provision and intelligent detection over the complete lifecycle of your data. This optimize and increase the economic benefits and achieve your business goals more easily. The product range extends from disk and tape solutions to custom software. The experience of over 30 years combines Quantum's proven technology, which is why some 1,300 people are the ones making new milestones. With us you get used tape drives and other storage systems manufacturer with which you provide the right data management in your company.


Scale-out Storage

With the StorNext 5 Quantum provides the basis for an ideal scale-out storage solution. For the reliability and performance of complex workflows, the file system and a development to the highest standard ensures. As an addition, you can choose between various other storage options. These include primary storage, such as scalable, high-performance Xcellis Storages that are ready for their daily work. Moreover Lattus Object Storage are as advanced online storage, tape archives and Q-cloud connections available.


When archiving is often stands in front of high data sets, each company makes its own demands on this. The Artico NAS appliance can be equipped mainly small environments, while still providing a data volume can be achieved up to the petabyte range. Thanks to integrated StorNext function, you can move data quickly and intelligently of active disks in a storage archive. Accessing and securing your data are fulfilled, at the same time you achieve the best possible TCO. Of course, also the scale-out storage for archiving can use, which is especially suitable for large companies.

For particularly long-term archives put on the Scalar libraries from Quantum. This offer tape drives, which still represent the most cost effective and reliable technology for archiving. Improve With this solution the management for disaster recovery, enterprise backup and long-term storages. Benefit from a needs-based scalability and integrated iLayer software for monitoring, analysis and management.


With its DX-i-Appliance, Quantum also a patented deduplication technology. This works on data blocks of variable length, thereby reducing storage requirements and investment costs. In addition, the efficient data transfer over the WAN is ensured, so that not only the cloud, but also other locations can be easily connected. Use the built DXi software for data deduplication and access to the block pools, where the data is ultimately held. Backups and Restores defeated by even faster. Extensions to your individual requirements are of course also possible, whether the backup to multiple locations, a simple monitoring or increasing the storage capacity.

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