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Founded in 1971 and headquartered in Irvine, USA, SMC is today a leading provider of enterprise networking solutions. The manufacturer can already draw on the experience of more than 40 years and thus ensures reliable, as well as powerful end devices. However, in 1997, SMC became a subsidiary of Accton Technology, making it a brand for Small Office and Home Office (SOHO) and Small Business (SMB) products. Thus, the manufacturer addresses different target groups, whereby the individual network devices can certainly also be suitable for the private environment. In our assortment you will find used switches and other network systems from SMC.

Product Portfolio

Unmanaged Switches

The non-administrative network switches are virtually the first standard configuration for small networks. SMC offers models with up to 24 ports, which are suitable for offices and similar environments. However, you do not have to do without the performance, as switches are also offered in this area, which have, for example, integrated PoE functions or connections for SFP. The smaller models with 5 to 8 ports, however, are visually designed differently and can therefore be mounted at the desk, if many network devices must be operated, but only one connection is available.

Managed Switches

In this segment, SMC has established the TigerSwitch product line, which stands for high-performance switches and management options. Included are two models, so you can decide depending on the network size for the right switch. Whether you choose the TigerSwitch with 26 or 50 ports, in any case, four Gigabit combo ports and other high-performance features are integrated. The latter includes, for example, IP clustering and MultiLink trunking with LACP. Overall, these switches are therefore particularly suitable for the small business sector, whereby e.g. small businesses are addressed.


Of course, SMC also makes other accessories for a modern and efficient network. This also allows existing environments to be expanded and equipped with new functions. For example, use the PoE injectors to power Wi-Fi cameras, access points, and other devices through the network port, even if the switch does not actually support it. With the help of PoE in particular the wiring can be simplified, since only network cables must be laid.

Selector Tool

The SMC selection tool is less of an in-house product, as it simply helps to find the right network solution for your needs. So just select the size of the network, the required features of the network device and the desired data transfer rate, and get the right recommendation from SMC directly.

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