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The company NewStar was founded in 1996 and started directly with the production of High-quality KVM products such as switches and VGA splitters. Over time, the Manufacturers in this area mainly by the reliability make a name, why round 3 years later the range was extended by 19 inch rack cabinets. Likewise, NewStar But by the development of screen mounts. These products are manufactured by Numerous other manufacturers and companies, making NewStar a leader in the market Holland grew up. The head office is still located in Haarlem, with the products being natural Are available at various retailers. You can also search here for KVMSwitches at any time From NewStar, which are used for easy management of multiple systems

Product Portfolio


In this series you will find practical brackets for all common devices. So you can Not only to install monitors easily at the table, ceiling or wall, but also projectors And Sonos speakers. So provide your meeting rooms and workplaces with the Products from NewStar to provide maximum comfort and a high level of comfort User friendliness. In this way, of course, video walls can also be implemented, Simply place several screens next to each other with the brackets

NewStar Mounts

This product line was named directly after the manufacturer and also contains several Models for mounting displays on walls, ceiling or directly at the table. However, the Selection in this series even bigger. Thus, for example, wagons for the medical field With which you ensure a high mobility of the PC workstation. Various others Stands and mobile workstations, as well as PC mounts allow the ideal at any time Accommodating your computer

In addition, NewStar manufactures notebook, tablet and keyboard stands that allow you to use your work tool Perfectly positioned in front of you. Tensions and other annoyances therefore belong to the The past. With the cable ducts and covers you also get a decent And tidy workplace. Adapters for the VESA mounting and loudspeakers are the same Available


Especially in this area NewStar is still active and producing accordingly Switches, extenders, and consoles. Up to 16 systems can be connected to a switch These with only one set of input devices and a monitor to operate. Current solutions like KVM-over-IP also belong to the assortment. By mounting in the rack You will, however, ultimately ensure a high degree of satisfaction, especially with your administrators The administration takes less time and effort

VGA Extender

If a screen signal is to be transmitted over further distances, this is particularly suitable The NewStar VGA extender via UTP. This allows the connection of a monitor in up to 130 Meters away from the PC and requires only the network cabling. The resolution lies But nevertheless at 1600 x 1200 pixels, whereby even directly two monitors are connected Can


NewStar also offers you all the components you need directly Comprehensive range of accessories. These cables are mainly used for cables Various products and connections, however, the company also provides notebook coolers And USB adapter. This ensures that you may have already existing peripherals And still benefit from the articles. safety locks In addition, to protect your hardware against unauthorized use or theft.

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