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If you want to be decommissioned IT systems such as computers, monitors, and external devices, either in the disposal, yet in the hands of third parties, the sale of your hardware to your employees is an ideal solution for you. In addition, you motivate your employees by special conditions, of course, means another added value for you. We like to take over the complete management of the sales staff for you, so that, for example, your internal IT manager does not have to deal with the complicated process and can concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

How does the employee sale?

After consultation and determining the conditions of the sale staff, the corresponding devices are cleaned by us and prepared so that there are no more corporate data on you. You determine which components are shared and which are not. It can, for example, Hard Drives are removed, to be absolutely sure that no corporate data access to the outside. The disk can then be either erased and returned or destroyed by us. In the event that the disks remain in the devices, they are of course still cleared by us according to strict guidelines, so that all data are removed permanently. For full computers, we can of course also a pre-installation of the operating system and possibly other application software to perform for you. All devices are further subjected to a complete functional test, in case of failure, we keep your confirmation vote to the other process. If the units are passed without licenses (for example, operating system and Office), we remove it from the devices and will give you all necessary information from us back. Following the revision of the equipment we offer this only to your employees for purchase. After completion of the sale of your staff employees get the mandatory guarantee of one year on the used equipment with us. Of course, you also continue to provide technical support for questions or problems.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact us and we will take care of your request individually. We advise you also get in touch when it comes to comes to the conditions of sale to achieve the best possible outcome for all parties.

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