compatible with server

A place in every company or more servers numerous applications, data and services ready . Since these must be available at all times and failures of the systems can mean a loss of profit due to interrupted operations at the same time, it also applies to upgrades of hardware carefully proceed. The matching components and accessories, please contact us. We offer you products of the major server manufacturers HP, Fujitsu, Lenovo and Dell, which will after a short time to pay for their reliability and quality for you.

What should look out for when purchasing server components and accessories

A server, although a similar structure of the essential components, such as a normal computer, the hardware is high, however, and more efficient. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the appropriate interfaces, existing ports and the installed operating system when retrofitting additional hardware. The components should be designed it to operate in a server to withstand the demands of daily operation.

What distinguished compatible components for server

The hardware in a server is characterized by its performance. But the continuous operation plays a significant role. The server CPUs provide, for example, functions for the control of ECC -capable memory, the motherboard partly also accommodates multiple processors. So often provide Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron CPUs for the necessary computing power to perform all tasks in the shortest possible time. A special variety is also reflected in the area of ??storage solutions. So the management and creating a RAID Association is handled by a separate controller in the ideal case, which is designed for a certain number of disks. An optional BBU ( Battery Backup Unit ) speeds access to these and protects against data loss in case of system crashes. For data storage, so-called 24/7 hard drives (derived from 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ) which have been designed for continuous operation. These are connected via the SATA interface or the faster SAS connector to the system or controller and work in a specific RAID configuration, so that the operation on failure of one hard disk can be fully continued. To protect against hardware defects can usually also redundant power supplies, then plug. All these components are available from us from one source and exactly for your server, so you do not have to worry about compatibility and function. For easy sorting so you will see all items which are generally compatible for use in a server, quickly and easily with this feature.

Why worthwhile used components and is it safe to use them ?

With us it is not used, reconditioned goods, but tested refurbished hardware. We also ensure that all items are processed according to strict guidelines and no impairment of the function is Provide. Thus for a contemporary performance of your server and receive new interfaces, properties or collateral, for a small investment Our spare parts also come from original manufacturers, so you can return to usual daily work without any worries after replacement of defective components.