The range of laptops is growing continuously. Not only existing models are improved by modern hardware, but also developing new devices for hitherto existing applications. So currently, for example, increases the number of convertible laptops, which allow its use as a notebook, as well as a tablet. Due to the ever low-profile design and smaller formats will not only increase effort, which is necessary for a repair or replacement of individual system components. Similarly, the selection of the components must be done according to certain criteria, to allow for unrestricted use and to achieve the optimum result. All products from our range that are suitable for use in laptop or as a peripheral, we have therefore grouped together for you under this characteristic.

How functions can upgrade and enhance the performance of a laptop?

If you find it's all about the expansion of the ports, you should first check whether your laptop has a PCMCIA or ExpressCard slot. About this can be retrofitted using expansion cards, various interfaces. Thus you get more USB3.0 ports, or an extra LAN port. Other peripherals can be operated via USB or other existing interfaces such as the desktop computer. Here it comes, only then to problems if no drivers are provided for the operating system used. For a real increase in performance only for the replacement or expansion of hardware comes into question. Since the construction of laptops fundamentally different from the PC, other components are used here. The easiest and cheapest way is to increase the memory capacity by SO-DIMM modules of the type used. The effort here is usually very low because only a cover on the bottom of the unit must be removed. In rare cases, there are the modules under the keyboard or similar difficult to access. You should definitely find out about the exact procedure before. In many models, the processor also is interchangeable and not soldered to the board. Especially in mobile workstations is also true, on the graphics card, resulting in special Can achieve performance gains.

Why use used hardware?

The products in our range are fully vetted and go through an elaborate refurbishing process. This takes place either by the manufacturer or us and ensures flawless hardware yet low cost. From the simple upgrade the memory or the extension of various interfaces, to replace the processor or the entire motherboard, get with us just the components you need to make the prices especially when a defect repairing again worthwhile. This original spare parts ensure smooth operation and an unrestricted further use of their laptops.
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