Since workstations are used primarily in the professional environment, respect each manufacturer on a perfect interaction in the system to allow for optimal performance. A subsequent upgrade can lead by incompatibilities of the hardware used in a lower performance than would normally be possible. Therefore, see this feature all the components and accessories that are compatible with a workstation. Supported manufacturers include Fujitsu, HP, Dell, Lenovo and more.

What should nevertheless be taken when buying?

As the constitution is similar to the conventional computer in many ways a workstation. Therefore, it should first be checked here as well, which interfaces or connections are available. To determine the right components and the right accessories, you should also check the support of the operating system used. to workstation

What distinguished from compatible components?

With a workstation higher quality hardware is used as a normal computer and sometimes it comes also in the area of server. Therefore, we offer you various components suitable by special properties for use in a workstation. It not only special processors like the Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron series, for a high overall performance. Also at the same time reliable and faster memory with ECC function is often used. A professional graphics card Nvidia Quadro or AMD FirePro series also allows complex calculations in image and video editing, simulation or the 3D design. For long-term operation with minimal downtime further hard drives and power supplies that are designed for 24-hour operation provides.

Why it pays to use a used system?

All products offered here are verified by us or the manufacturer according to strict specifications and all functions we undergo extensive testing. This will give you high-quality components with comprehensive features for a much lower price than is the case with comparable new. A further advantage of our offer original spare parts. Because they allow the continued use of your system without restrictions. Since many manufacturers specifically customize the components for workstations and develop, it may happen that, for example, not a standard power supply can be used for replacement. Therefore, you will also find many articles that are only suitable for specific systems.
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