certified data erasure

certified data erasure at noteboox.de

Why is professional data deletion so important?

Data security is a very important issue and all the more important when it comes to your company's sensitive data. The belief that quot after formatting, or the the Recycle Bin, the corresponding contents are deleted sure is wrong. The formatting is not sufficient to remove the data so that they are more accessible to anyone. By formatting only the contents of your hard disk is removed, so to speak. In a book, if you remove the page with the table of contents, you do not know though at which point you have to search for a specific topic, but all issues are still present. The formatting can thus be used with different software, which is freely accessible to all, undone. The software searches through the hard drive for data and writes basically just a new table of contents (ie a new file allocation table) on the hard disk. Also manually delete individual files only effect is that the file is no longer displayed and is available for overwriting. The file might still recover because of the pure content of the file is not deleted when you was really overwritten by another file. When the file is overwritten, however, can not affect each other. You should therefore not used hard drives, memory cards or the like simply sell so. Even with complete systems, you should first be sure to remove memory components to give any possibility to get to your files.

Certified data erasure.

certified data erasure at noteboox.deAbout Us by Noteboox.de it is important that your data is securely erased and there is no way to restore them. It does not matter whether they are complete systems including laptops, computers, servers or tablets or a single hard disk. Each volume will be treated by our trained staff with special care. In addition, our employees are all subject to the secret data according to § 5 BDSG, the devices are so in safe hands. During data erasure, we are guided strictly to international standards and guidelines. Through us, the contents are deleted so that it does not allow more access this technology again. The hard disk is overwritten with random patterns in several cycles to remove the actual content irretrievably. The used software are Blancco and White Canyon. After the deletion of the data carrier of this course can be used again, but all content on it are no longer accessible. Talk to us and we will make sure that your private information and especially your well protected company data does not fall into the wrong hands.

disposal of defective disk.

disposal defective media your hard disk or the disk is damaged, you should proceed as cautious, because here too often with something substantial amount of time may be allowed access to the data. Therefore, all of the defective disk from us at a certified waste management company will be redirected. The media are there destroyed by a shredder which they are physically destroyed so that it is impossible to recover the data.

We guarantee you that you do not have to worry about your data with us. Whether it is a used or defective media, we remove all the contents permanently.

On customer request the deletion or destruction of data carrier surcharge also with video detection is done so that you can understand the way we work in this respect exactly as a customer. In addition, we offer you can be certain that your disks are made ​​inoperable to 100%. Just talk to the individually desired procedure with us.