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With our established sales network and optimal marketing strategies, we always achieve the best prices for our partners. We buy your used IT systems and ensure a smooth process, which saves you as much time and money as possible.


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Notebooks Displays
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Purchase of leasing and returned goods

In the case of manufacturers or wholesalers, return goods or B-goods often have to be purchased, which you will have to check very expensive before further sales. You may also be a vendor of various leasing contracts and need to take back used computers after the contract has expired. Of course, we also take these devices from you and ensure the processing of resale.

Purchase from schools, businesses and other organizations

If you have obsolete IT systems in your company or a public institution, you can turn them into cash again. Often this is e.g. the case when lease and service contracts expire and new acquisitions are made. By selling your discarded IT equipment, you can of course also increase the budget for any planned new purchases. Especially in the public sector, there are always cuts in the budget, so use the opportunity to still afford up-to-date equipment.

Which devices are purchased?

We purchase a large number of PC systems and peripherals. These include, for example:

- Monitors and displays, TV
- computer, notebooks, server, Thin Clients
- Network hardware such as firewalls, routers and switches
- Printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines, barcode scanners, barcode printers
- mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones
- and much more...

How does the purchase work?

To get a first overview, it is sufficient if you send us a short list of the hardware. If possible, a brief description of the condition would be an advantage for us, as it gives us a better idea of the systems.

If necessary, we will visit the systems afterwards and make you a complete offer to ensure the simplest and quickest possible process. In this course, of course, the shipping questions can be clarified.

If defective devices or individual components are included, they are recycled by our certified disposal partners. Hard drives and other media can of course a » certified data deletion go through, so that no data reaches unauthorized and third parties.

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