The ZyXEL Communications Corporation has since its founding in 1989, reliable network solutions for businesses, consumers and service providers. Based in Taiwan and more than 2,800 employees worldwide, operates ZyXEL also has its own research and development department. Apart from Asia are also branches in the US and Europe. The ZyXEL Germany GmbH located in Würselen and is specifically responsible for customer service and support requests. In addition, training and online training are offered. These help resellers and administrators, always to remain up to date and to use the full functionality of the device.

Latest Product Series

Hotspot / Service Gateway

For those who want to give their customers a wireless access ZyXEL provides a complete solution. Through IP Plug and Play technology little configuration effort is needed until you can use the system fully. After that, you benefit from the advantages of the simple provision of Internet access for example, Guests at the hotel. The optional receipt printer, the system can also be used by anyone, since after one keystroke all the relevant data for accessing the WLAN can be printed and therefor no additional PC is required. It all safety and legal regulations are strictly adhered to and you retain full control over the entire network. A maximum of 250 users accessing at the same time on the system are supported. For full coverage of wireless LAN access points are different with demand-oriented properties.


The VPN solution for companies offers everything you need for a secure and fast network. This latest multi-core CPUs are used to ensure fast data throughput. The reliable and uninterrupted VPN services are supported by features such as WAN failover and ensure a smooth flow in everyday business. However, ZyXEL is not just on current hardware, but also on ease of use. It is therefore possible with the Easy VPN wizard to set up VPN access without specialist knowledge and thus reduce the administrative burden tremendously.

Vantage CNM

In large networks, it is often difficult to keep track. Therefore, the use of management software over a certain size is indispensable. It facilitates the administration and enables the maintenance of all equipment groups. The diagnostic tools and active monitoring services help to eliminate errors to return as quickly as possible to normal operation.


To ensure that all clients receive stable and high-performance network connection supporting ZyXEL switches current standards and security protocols. You will receive both small units with up to 8 ports for the office, as well as large modular systems for the rack cabinet. The high reliability and extensive features are designed for businesses of all sizes. For an extension of your corporate network, the use of refurbished switches or router used may be worth. Because these offer the same quality at a simultaneously lower investment. Through a long life, you can also expect a further added value.

Other Products

In addition to the series mentioned herein ZyXEL offers for private customers different routers, switches, powerline adapter and NAS systems. These offer a good value for money given the quality and are just as easy to configure as well as the business units.