Windows Embedded 7 Standard

The Windows Embedded 7 standard operating system brings the technology and user comfort from the traditional Windows 7 to systems in enterprises. It is particularly suitable for thin clients, which must provide reliable access to business applications, but at the same time have the highest degree of manageability and maintenance.

For this purpose, many tools and flexible options are already integrated in Microsoft's Windows Embedded 7 standard. These include an Image Build Wizard (IBW), as well as other programs that allow faster image rendering. In addition, over 150 innovative features and over 500 driver packages are available to provide devices with a fixed functionality.

There are endless possibilities for using Windows Embedded 7 Standard because not only network functions have been implemented according to current standards, but also conventional applications are preinstalled. From Internet Explorer, through MediaCenter, to Remote Desktop Protocol 7.1, everything you need in the company is included.

Since there is a broad support for Windows Embedded 7 standard with regard to hardware and software, the operating system is also very popular with OEM manufacturers. For this reason, you will receive a variety of thin clients that have already been preinstalled. Use it to expand or build your infrastructure and take advantage of the many features.

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