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To give you as simple as possible to make the start, we install many of our used computer in advance. To get the Windows 7 Professional version not only an operating system that is suitable for daily use in companies. Likewise, you can be sure from the outset that you are using a correct and clean system. You can complete it easily with your own applications, you play your data back and take advantage of many business features.

Why a preinstalled operating system from

All used notebook computers and other devices, we preinstall in our house, get a fresh operating system without additional software. The latter is often referred to as Bloadware because this unnecessarily bloats the system and wastes resources. You can decide which tools you want to install and use without starting directly with uninstalls So when you first start.

This is a standard license?

Of course, we will send you all the necessary license documents, which allows you not only get a flawless, used computer system, but also a suitable operating system license. Do you want the Windows 7 operating system reinstall Pro So, you can do this without any restrictions.

What are the benefits used laptops and computers with Windows 7 Professional?

Basically, it concerns with the Pro version of Windows 7 to an operating system for businesses, since, for example. The application in a domain is possible. In addition, you must after obtaining the PC system begin no lengthy driver search, we also pre-install it. Thus, you can start the personal device even after the first port and use the system much faster in operation.

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