Windows 7 Pro (Certificate of Authenticity) no pre-installed operating system, no Windows CDs and / or driver CDs

The Windows 7 Professional operating system is now one of the most popular ever since it features a trouble-free and fast performance. Our refurbished laptops and computer systems with Windows 7 Professional COA therefore offer you exactly what you need. Can enjoy a powerful PC, including functional operating system that allows you to cope with the daily work easily, but also a wide range of entertainment content. In particular, the transition from the now no longer a supported operating system Windows XP will have no better opportunity.

Is there a difference to use a entirely new computer?

The units have no disadvantages compared to virgin material. Only the activation of the operating system license after the installation may fail on the Internet. In this case you need but not to worry, because this is then available to activate over the automated phone system. It is a free Microsoft Hotline, where you are asked by a computer voice to enter an identification number. This will be displayed during the activation process on the computer and can be easily transmitted via the telephone keypad. Finally, you receive the confirmation code, which must be entered on the PC. Once finished, you can use the operating system as usual. If you do not activate the product, after the trial period, the wallpaper is set to black and challenged every time you restart the activation.

Who benefits most from devices running Windows 7 Professional COA?

These systems provide everything needed for professional use within the company. The logon to an Active Directory domain is just as possible as the complete data backup over the network to a NAS or other data server. Also, the Encrypting File System (EFS) is included and secures its data reliably against foreign access. Of course, also the media center for the necessary conversation with it. Another particular advantage provides the Windows XP mode. Through him, it is possible legacy applications (especially the 64- bit version) are no longer compatible with Windows 7, to continue to use. This is a virtual PC that interacts seamlessly with the base operating system, which, for example, the data exchange is possible or attached printer can be used.

What is refurbished and the advantages offered by these devices?

We offer different refurbished computers and notebooks in which it is tested used goods. These are completely checked for their function and in addition also worked visually. This will give you already a small price for a functioning system that they can use without restrictions for the workplace or in the home network for many different applications. The included hardware makes, of course, exactly what it promises.

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