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Through a pre-installed Windows 10 Pro operating system, you will now get even more benefits with our used computers. These systems can be seamlessly integrated into enterprise networks and need not be lengthy installed to start setting up. As the name suggests, the Pro version of Windows 10 is particularly suitable for companies, since, for example. The application will allow to a domain, however, is the use in the private sphere no problem.

Why You benefit from a pre-installed operating system from

When installing Windows 10 Professional, we always make sure to install only important components. Unnecessary software that is commonly known as Bloadware is not installed, so you always get a clean and flawless system. Applications that do not use, but still wasting resources of the hardware are a thing of the past. Also installed are, of course, all the device drivers, so you can start immediately after receiving the personal setting up your new computer.

Are there any restrictions in the Windows 10 Pro license?

You will receive all the necessary license documents and a full-fledged Windows 10 Professional. This contains all the usual features such as Remote Desktop, Bitlocker to encrypt your hard disk and the management of Group Policy. New installations and the like are in the later stages also no problem. Activating the license from Microsoft, you get beyond of course full access to the Windows updates.

Why it's worth refurbished computers preinstalled with Windows to buy 10 per?

On the one hand all used notebook and computer are fully prepared, which includes in addition to functional test and a thorough cleaning. Secondly, it is beneficial for you that you can start immediately with 10 Professional use of the system using the pre-installed Windows. Install your software business and personal applications, you play back your data and do not torment yourself, with long installation and the search for the appropriate drivers. Moreover, the use of used computer systems not only saves time and money, but also helps the environment, since less electronic waste is produced which does not have to be.

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