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This category contains explanations of various technologies and terms in the IT industry.

More and more current devices talk about Intel Optane. But what is behind the technology and does it really bring advantages for the individual user? We will address these and other important questions in the following. Thus, you can directly decide in the end whether the investment in the memory is worthwhile for you and it will become an important feature in your next purchase.

Keyboards are generally standardized, but different layouts are used in different countries. The use of country-specific layouts has different backgrounds. For example, the US and UK layouts only differ in the special characters. On a German keyboard, on the other hand, the additional letters Ä, Ö and Ü have to be taken into account.

Refurbished products (from the English "to refurbish", for restore or overhaul) are devices, such as notebooks and server , or individual hardware, which was overhauled by the manufacturer or dealer. Since it is not self-evident that used goods are refurbished before they are sold, the often seen equation of used and refurbished is not quite correct. Rather, refurbished goods should be positioned between used and new goods, since they have already been used, but still look as good as new and function without restrictions.

Since the beginning of network technology, numerous standards and technologies have been formed, which today provide all kinds of functions for any network hardware. We will briefly explain these in the following and give hints for their practical use where possible. Although the manufacturers of network systems work much less with their own developments and designations, incompatibilities can still occur, especially in the interaction of devices from different manufacturers.

If you are looking for a used processor , you will quickly stumble across terms and descriptions like MMX, SSE or Advanced Smart Cache. What these mean exactly, which functions are behind them and whether they are useful for your own purposes is described in the following article.

From the point of view of sustainable and ecological management, however, it makes more sense to remove the parts that are still usable and recycle them instead of simply disposing of them and thus producing additional waste. Of course, functioning PC systems can also be sold as a whole.

Over the years, hard drive manufacturers have come up with all sorts of names for their technologies that are supposed to make the respective hard drives faster, quieter and more power-efficient. But what is really behind names like IntelliSeek, FlexPower or QuietStep is often not visible at first glance.

In a comprehensive selection, we would like to present " memory modules here, which range from simple DDR RAM to DDRII RAM and DDRIII RAM to more specialized notebook memory. Below is a brief overview of the different modules.

It is characterized by a long service life and high reliability. In addition, the Precision series can be opened easily and completely without tools and can be upgraded and converted as desired. Also noteworthy here is that the Precision series is very tolerant of the RAM used. Both registered and unregistered, ECC and non-ECC RAM are supported.

A solid state disk (SSD for short) can be found in more and more end devices and is also a popular upgrade for used notebooks and desktop PCs.

To understand what is meant by a ThinClient, one must first define what a client represents. A client ("client") is a software program that is installed on the user's computer and is used to communicate with the server. There are different types of clients.

A PC system (PC=Personal Computer) is a normal standard computer, which can be found in every household or office nowadays. Like server and workstation, the computer also consists of different components. The main component here is the mainboard. On it sits the "heart" of the system, the central processing unit, also called CPU or processor.

A server (from Latin Servus = servant) is usually understood to be a computer system used in large company networks. It combines all or part of the company's main processes and primarily provides services for other computers, the clients.

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