Western Digital was founded in 1970...
Western Digital was founded in 1970 as General Digital. Today was named the company a year later. Western Digital is known now primarily for hard drives. In the 1970s, the majority of sales, however, was achieved with chips for calculators.

Also in the graphics card area, the company was already active, but this division sold in 1995 at Philips. Since the early 1980s, manufactures and develops Western Digital now hard disks and their controllers and has thereby also providing many new features and innovations. The long experience in this field is also reflected today in the reliability and quality of our products again. In addition, in 2011 Hitachi GST (hard disk drive business Hitachi) was acquired by Western Digital, which has earned the company an additional market share. In addition to hard drives today also media servers, NAS systems and external storage media are manufactured by WD.

Current product lines:


The main feature of this series is the rotational speed of 10,000 rev / min. Nevertheless, the hard disk via the SATA interface is operated. Other hard disks of this type provide otherwise just 5400 r / min or 7200 r / min. Through this increase in performance, the series strikes a balance between fast but also much more expensive, SCSI / SAS drives (SSDs today) and the standard SATA drives with lower power. Available this series with up to 1TB of storage.

Caviar Green

The Caviar Green series stands for environmental friendliness, as it is produced halogen-free and with materials that are designed for sustainability. By also low operating temperature and noise it is ideally designed for external drives and computers that will be as quiet operation. The available sizes are 500 GB to 4 TB.

Caviar RED

If you want to equip a NAS device with hard drives, the Caviar RED product line is the ideal choice. These hard drives are designed for 24x7 continuous operation. Add to this the best compatibility through co-operation with different NAS manufacturers. Matching NAS systems are also marketed under the name of WD Sentinel. Of course, but other manufacturers are possible. If you want to expand the storage capacity of your NAS, our used hard drives are an economical solution for you. Of course, all hard drives are fully tested for their function partially there are also the manufacturer overtook drives that are as good as new.

Caviar Black

These hard drives are available for optimal performance and many additional features. The power gets through a dynamic cache and a dual processor on the hard disk controller an extra boost. The models of this series is available as a resource, to migrate the data, Acronis True Image via the manufacturer's website offered. All hard drives series are available in addition to the 3.5-inch format in a 2.5-inch format. An exception is the VelociRaptor series here. As a replacement WD offers here however Black2 products which achieve the desired performance through an integrated SSD.
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