WWAN is a wireless and comprehensive wireless network, which is why it is the counterpart to the cable-bound WAN. The abbreviation stands for Wireless Wide Area Network. This is why you often find this feature in our used notebooks, some of which already have the appropriate modules to log on to such a network.

Not to be confused is the WWAN with the widespread WLAN. The latter, however, only has a shorter range and is usually provided locally by a router. The broad wireless network, on the other hand, is provided by a provider. Among the best known are LTE, GSM and UMTS, all of which are predominantly used by smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

If you're looking for a laptop or other device that can connect to the Internet while you're on the go, simply filter your search results with the WWAN feature. Depending on the available network, you can also benefit from high data rates on the Internet. This feature is often available, especially for business notebooks.

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