VIA Eden

The processor type VIA Eden is a series of the manufacturer VIA Technologies. This builds on an x86 architecture, but has the great advantage that a passive cooling is possible. Thus, particularly compact and quiet PC systems are possible, which is why the CPUs, for example, be used in thin clients.

Depending on the type, the VIA Eden processors also have additional designations, such as ESP, ULV or N. This specifies, among other things, the processor core used. If there are specific CPU requirements, check the other features, such as the available instruction extensions or performance data. The latter include, for example, the clock rate and the number of caches.

In our assortment you will find primarily used thin clients with VIA Eden CPU. These can be used by the company to equip workplaces to maximize efficiency. Among the positive features are low power consumption, high reliability and a much more central management option.
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